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i ko you str

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unbanned [ i ko you str ]
« on: February 17, 2013, 12:22:53 pm »
i got banned for killeds alot players with no death like 15 killed with 0 death  ;D

i was 3 times rusher and i stoping it  :-X

im sorry for it i try to killed 3 players and let anyone killeds me   :-\

 please  :-* :-*

name in-game : i ko you str 8)
who banned you: mr peehat  ??? ??? ???

of i dont anything worng please u can do everything but i still voteing everydays and hour every mins every sec please i like this server when i play it please dont do it to me =[ i need to play this server agin with my accunt     [     i ko you str   ]

thx everyone who read this....

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